10% Discount on Most Bookings
Save on select activities in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach
  • Save $5 on bookings of $50-$99
  • Save $10 on bookings of $100-$199
  • Save $30 on bookings of $200-$399
  • Save $60 on bookings of $400-$599
  • Save $100 on bookings of $600-$799
  • Save $150 on bookings of $800-$999
  • Save $200 on bookings of $1000+
    Why did I get an Activity Pass?

    Your vacation rental includes access to the pass.

    Can I bundle activities together?

    No. Only one activity can be booked at a time. But there is no limit to the number of activities that can be booked.

    What if I need to make changes to my booking?

    Call the supplier directly. Their contact details can be found on your booking confirmation.

    Will I be refunded if I cancel my booking?

    Refunds are subject to the refund policy of your activity or gear rental provider. Each providers refund policy is stated in the 'Details' section of each service offering.

    What if the tour I booked is canceled?

    Any amount charged will be refunded by the activity or gear rental provider that cancelled services you booked.

    Why are some activities not bookable?

    All activities can be booked online through your smartphone or desktop. There are however a few activities which are not bookable through the pass. For those offerings click the link to book directly through the provider.

    Can I switch the contact information over to another guest while I am using my Activity Pass?


    Who is Oncethere?

    Oncethere is technology platform powering the Activity Pass.